«RUBLEFF Village»

Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway, Chigasovo Cottage Village

House description

Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway is the most prestigious, safe and eco friendly part of Moscow suburbs with well-developed infrastructure. It is not a secret that to be successful you need to be in a favorable environment, surrounded by prosperous people.

It is not a secret that to be successful you need to be in a favorable environment, surrounded by prosperous people.

Today Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway is a kind of phenomenon of social and political life in Russia. It is a home to wealthy people, businessmen, intellectuals, political leaders and top officials of the state.

Rubleff Village with its unique architectural design and infrastructure is ideal for people who prefer comfortable suburban life.

For more than 15 years the main business of our company is the building of elite suburban real estate.

Today the competition in this segment is considered to be one of the highest. That's why we had a difficult task - to combine the latest technology, highest quality, expensive Rublevo-Uspenskoe lands and thus make the product competitive.

And we did it! That is the uniqueness of our proposal. The buyer receives the highest quality product characterized by safety, prestige, good environment and the price being often lower in comparison with average prices in this area. Each real estate object corresponds to the latest technology in building and construction.

You can make sure of all above said if you see our offer and visit Rubleff Village.

Village location and transport access

Rubleff Village is located on the 23 kilometer of Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. There is a high quality asphalt road paved from the highway to the cottage village, it passes through a beautiful forest protecting villagers from the noise of the road. Entrance to the village is guarded: first security checkpoint with a barrier is at highway exit, the second one with a guard house is at the village entrance.

The reconstruction of the transport system from the center of Moscow and up to the village has started. Today it will take you 17 min only to get from the village to the Moscow Ring Road by the new high-speed road «Northern Bypass Odintsovo», and in 2015 - not more than 25 min to get to the Moscow City after opening of Kutuzov Prospect alternate road.

The reconstruction of Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway with its expansion to 4 lanes has started.

The reconstruction of the 1st Uspenskoe highway with its expansion to 4 lanes and connection to Northern Bypass Odintsovo is planned in the nearest future. The road that will connect Rublevo-Uspenskoe and Novorizhskoe highways through the already built road junction in the Borky village is being designed. The nearest railway station to the village is Usovo. Usovo branch is being upgraded and in 2015 it is planned to start express up to Belorusskaya railway station (35 minutes on the way) and Sheremetyevo Airport which are capable to speed up to 130 km/h.

Internal infrastructure

The total area of Rubleff Village is about 2 hectares of picturesque coniferous-deciduous forest. The area of each sector is about 0.18 hectares (1'800 m2). The village is located in the first category forest, all sectors have age-old pines and spruces on their territory.

The village consists of 7 houses designed in 4 different styles. Houses are already equipped with central sewer, water, gas and electricity.

External infrastructure

Location of Rubleff Village is unique. The level of infrastructure development is in many ways superior to urban conditions.

There is Gorky-10 village located in 2 minutes way with its «Gorka» and «New» shopping centers, supermarkets «Crossroads», «Attack» and «The Seventh Continent», farmers' market; banks and automated teller machines; several pharmacies, restaurants, medical and dental centers; secondary schools and kindergarten; sports school; Moscow stud farm №1, where you can rent a horse or contain your own.

In 1.5 km from Rubleff Village there are modern recreational centers and pensions: «Glades», «Forestlands», «Riverlands» on the territory of which you may find skating-rinks, swimming pools, aqua park, sport grounds, tennis courts (including indoor ones), beaches on the Moscow river bank, rental of sports equipment, paintball, bowling, billiards and other entertainment.

The advantage of location in comparison with other suburban areas

There is a number of advantages of Rubleff Village location on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in front of any other suburban real estate objects including ones located on Novorizhskoye highway.

One of the major advantages is the plan of development and reconstruction of road junctions for the next few years and the works that are already in the process aimed to increase the road capacity of this direction.

Another important advantage is well-thought-out infrastructure by which Rublevo-Uspenskoe direction is famous for more than a decade and that includes everything you need for a comfortable everyday life and leisure activities.

Cultural facilities

For centuries this area was a center of residence of the Russian artistic and intellectual elite.

In 4 km from Rubleff Village Nikolina Gora - a famous village of creative elite - is located. You may also find many historical monuments nearby: House-Museum of M.M. Prishvin, Duninsky landscape and archaeological complex, the Chapel of Archangel Michael, the homestead of Popov the tea merchant, churches - historical monuments in Islavskoe and Uspenskoe villages.

Nature surroundings of the village

The cottage village is situated in a conservation area with a beautiful environment.

The village is surrounded by mixed woodland consisting mainly of firs, pines, maples, oaks and birches. In 4 km to the north there is the Moscow river bank with equipped beaches. There are also several sacred springs located in this area.

House plans

House plans House plans House plans House plans